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About us : Bruwan

Bruwan, meaning “echo,” which used to be a tribal village of the Taroko aborigines, has attracted more attention in recent years. It is 8 km from the entrance of Tarako, 179.5 km from the eastern end of Central Cross-Island Highway, and 2 km from a fork located beside the bank of the Liwu River.

Leaning against the Tower Mountain in the south, facing the Liwu River in the north, and situated on a double-layer plateau, Bruwan abounds with natural resources, where you can see various vegetation of monsoon rain forest such as Bishop wood, Lindera megaphylla, Machilus kusanoi, and local ficus trees. There are also plenty of wild animals which make possible such activities as watching birds, butterflies, flying squirrels, and Formosan rock-monkeys. The village is a world of its own with the plateau surrounded by green mountains. Life switches to a lower gear on arriving here. As swallows and cicadas chirp in the background, with a few clouds floating in the sunny sky, the natives here are almost living in a paradise.

Bruwan has been cultivating wild lilies for over five years. The yearly lily season fills the gorge of Taroko with a charming sensation of spring. Bruwan is currently divided into upper and lower parts. The lower portion is the Tourist Center of Taroko National Park, while our hotel is at the upper part.

Village Taroko

As a branch of the Leader Hotel, Village Taroko used to be a place for activities held by the RSEA Engineering Corporation, which abandoned the place for a long time. After a full renovation that gave the place a refreshing new look, it was officially opened in September, 2004. Situated on the Bruwan plateau and surrounded by mountains, plus the Liwu River passing by, Village Taroko is a sight of heaven.

Village Taroko is designed to be a small tribal village with stand-alone aboriginal-style cabins that also have a traditional Tang Dynasty touch to it. The interior textile lamps and paintings are all aboriginal hand-made artifacts. The setting of the living room is unique in that it is placed outside so that guests can enjoy the surrounding beauty during the day and chat with family members under the starry sky at night.

There are three types of suites: Grand-view Taroko Suite, Grand-view Tribal Suite and Grand-view Chief Suite. The Grand-view Taroko Suite comes with 2 single beds and shower room; the Grand-view Tribal Suite served single beds and shower room is suitable for five to eight guests such as a family or student group. The Grand-view Chief Suite served one double bed in the bad room, it also can served one to four mattresses in the living room, two separated shower and rest rooms inside.

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